During this time of uncertainty, many chronically ill adults are canceling their medical appointments. These patients are the most seriously ill, vulnerable and at-risk for becoming sicker due to not getting the care they need.

If you or a loved one has missed a doctor appointment, Palladium may be able to help. A Palladium nurse may be able to visit you or your loved one at home to determine how you are doing and what additional care may be beneficial. It’s important to still get the care you need during the pandemic so you don’t end up at overburdened urgent cares and emergency rooms (places that typically have a higher risk of exposure to coronavirus).

Ensuring those with chronic or serious illness are getting the care they need can help keep you or your loved one out of the hospital.


Review of medications to ensure you have what you need and you or your loved one are taking medications as directed.

Physical assessment (heart rate, blood pressure, lung functions, mobility, wound care).

Assessment of symptoms and pain.

Connection to local community resources (grocery delivery, medication delivery, financial resources).


Patients with chronic and serious medical conditions including:

Heart Disease
Lung Disease
Renal Failure
Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia General Decline

Palladium can offer real support – whether it’s help from our nurses to ease symptoms, help from our CNAs and volunteers to share caregiving responsibilities, social workers who can align community resources or help from our chaplains so fear and anxiety can be replaced with strength, confidence and peace.

A Palladium team member will contact your physician to gain an order for an evaluation. Our care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance providers.


At Palladium, keeping our patients, families, and staff as safe as possible is our number one priority. We are following all precautions recommended by the CDC in response to COVID-19.

Our staff has been creative about meeting the national PPE shortage and has worked with community stakeholders to ensure our team has all the personal protective equipment they need. For families requesting no in person visitation at this time, we’ve been able to meet the need with virtual visitation.

Our pet therapy volunteers are even staying involved, sending pictures and letters to ensure everyone adheres to precautions, but is also able to remain connected.

To see if you qualify for a Patient Home Assessment give us a call at 888.502.4646 or contact us here.