The Palladium Hospice and Palliative Care Difference

Our purpose is simple, focus on the patient not the condition. The members of our care team are more than individual caregivers; but a unit that works tirelessly to bring comfort to our patients and their family members. When asked what drew them to provide hospice care, each had a different inspiration; yet their compassion for their patients was the same. Each member of the Palladium Hospice and Palliative Care family feels like they have been called to do this sometimes difficult, yet rewarding duty, all working towards a common goal. Our associates don’t view this work as a job but as a commitment to those entrusted in our care.

We partner with family members and the family physician to assure the highest quality of care can be provided in your home, in extended care and assisted living facilities and hospitals. We support you and your family every step of the way with our professional care.

palladium difference

Personalized Care

The personalized care we provide is designed to meet individual needs and guarantee peace of mind. In addition to providing specialized care for the control of pain and symptoms, our aides also assist with extra personal care, social workers help with needed resources, chaplains address spiritual needs, and our dedicated volunteers provide companionship.

We all need to make a few moments for ourselves each day to relax. Some of our patients have found comfort and peace through music, others have found joy and relaxation in the companionship of our pet therapists, while some need nothing more than a massage to unwind and feel at ease.

We have seen firsthand how tension and pain can be reduced through massage therapy and how music can provide an emotional outlet to process the new experiences that our patients and families face. These and other complementary therapies strengthen our interdisciplinary team approach by truly taking into account our patients and families’ comprehensive needs and wishes and by offering creative interventions to create personalized care plans to serve them.

Through our Complementary Alternative Therapy program we offer our patients and their families’ unique opportunities to find emotional healing, physical comfort and spiritual peace.

The Extra Steps

Step 1: Pain and symptom management

Step 2: Emotional and spiritual support as well as grief counseling

Step 3: Care with an extra touch through volunteers and pet therapy

Step 4: Respite care for families and caregivers

Palladium Hospice Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Sometimes all I need is a great song to change my mood completely. We know how important it is for our patients to continue doing what they love to do most.  We help Joe feel his by suiting him up and letting him rock out to the oldies.

Palladium Pet Services

Pet Therapy

Nancy reminisces about her childhood dog Beau every time she gets to spend time with her new friend Trixie.  We know that the average dog is nicer than the average person, and at Palladium we want Nancy to be able to feed Trixie as many treats as she wants while they enjoy some time outside together.

Palladium Hospice Veteran Care

Veteran Care

We are devoted to ensuring our veteran’s program is successful.  As a level 3 partner of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) we have built strong relationships with the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) offices across South Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi as well as organizations such as the American Legion and VFW.


Massage Therapy

Each week I look forward to my hour massage session with Linda. I can completely relax and let go of my worries and stress. For that 1 hour I try to clear my mind and focus on my “me time.”