Indications Palladium Hospice Might Be The Solution

Our patients also often tell us that they wish their physician had recommended hospice care sooner. But we know many physicians may struggle with determining if their patients are ready to consider hospice as a choice. An important mission of Palladium Hospice, in our role to improve end of life care, is to provide guidance to physicians, their patients and their patients’ families about when hospice care may become a beneficial option. Here are general indications that hospice might be appropriate.

  • Increasing Emergency Room visits and/or hospitalizations for complications of disease;
  • Calling your office more often;
  • Slower to bounce back after a set back;
  • Family seems more stressed, overwhelmed, unable to handle increasing caregiving duties;
  • Patient needing assistance in three or more ADLs;
  • Patient experiencing increased pain, current pain medications seem less effective;
  • Patient experiencing issues with breathing distress, nausea or other symptoms;
  • Patient’s family expressing that the patient seems emotionally withdrawn, is sleeping more or having difficulty with comprehension;
  • The patient or members of their family appear to need emotional support;
  • Patient/family choosing to focus on comfort rather than cure of the disease.

Palladium Hospice can also assist by visiting your patient in their home to determine if hospice is appropriate. If you have a patient who appears to be meeting any of these indications, an in-home assessment by one of our trained nurses may be informative.