Our hospice services help you get back to living on your terms with dignity, control and as much freedom from the strains of illness as possible. We help those living with advanced illness regain the highest quality of life possible while also becoming a complete support system for both the patient and their family. Care is delivered in the comfort of your home or wherever you may call home including nursing homes, retirement communities and assisted livings.

How Care Is Paid For

Our services are paid for by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances.

Hospice Team

Our supportive caregiving team includes: extra care and attention from our hospice physician, nurses expertly trained in pain control and symptom management, hospice aides to help with personal care, spiritual counselors for support, volunteers for friendly visits, counselors offering family support and education, and many others whose skills and commitment combine to provide a complete 24 hour support system to you and your family.

Always There

One of the best benefits of our hospice care is that you have support when you need it. We’re open 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year. Our care is Always There. We know how long a night can feel when you need to wait until regular business hours to talk to a care provider. Or you’re making another 3 am trip to the emergency room. So no matter when you need us – holidays, weekends, all night long, just pick up the phone. A Palladium team member is there to answer your call.

What Can I Expect From Hospice Care?

You can expect relief from symptoms such as pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, constipation, nausea, loss of appetite and difficulty sleeping. Hospice care helps you carry on your daily life. It also helps family caregivers by providing an extra layer of support, emotional care and counseling. Think of it as a full breadth of care from expert medical care, to practical help, spiritual care and emotional care.  It helps you better understand your condition and your choices for medical care. In short, you can expect the best possible life in the time that remains.

How Do I Get Hospice Care

Hospice care is available sooner than most people believe. It is most effective when started earlier allowing you and your family to get all the support you need. If you would like to learn if Palladium Hospice Care is right for you, call us at 888.502.4646, we’re here to answer any questions you may have. You can also ask your physician to refer you to our care. Remember, you have a the right to choose your hospice partner. Call us today to find your way back to a life more fully lived. If you need us. Then we’ll be there.


What is Hospice?

Hospice is care that is focused on improving the quality of life. It is about living as long as you can, as well as you can rather than continuing heroic efforts to cure the disease. Hospice is usually appropriate when a cure is no longer likely, and an individual and their family decide to focus on comfort and quality of life for the time that remains. Hospice can greatly improve life for both the patient and their family by bringing a wide scope of care into the patient’s home including: expert medical care, pain and symptom management, practical support like help with daily needs like bathing, grooming, and meals, spiritual care, and emotional support. The Palladium Hospice Team also provides education on the disease and disease process ensuring you know what to expect and how best to prepare for the days ahead. Our care is truly a full support system.

When is the Right Time for Hospice Care

Hospice works best when started earlier in the disease process. In fact, our patients often tell us they wish they had chosen hospice sooner. There are many benefits hospice brings to both families and patients, benefits that may help you and your loved ones now. For example, our patients who begin hospice sooner have the opportunity to make use of our expertise in helping with pain control and symptom management earlier. Also, families caring for a loved one can benefit from the support our hospice caregiving team brings. We can share some of the responsibilities of providing day-to-day care. Choosing to let us help earlier can increase the quality of the time left. Reducing pain, symptoms and easing responsibilities will let you and your family focus less on the disease and more on enjoying time together.

Most often, hospice is started when an individual and their family, along with their physician decide that seeking a cure is no longer realistic and their focus becomes quality of life. When your physician determines that life expectancy is six months or less (should the disease follow its natural course), your physician can sign an order for hospice care. You can also contact us and our team will speak with your doctor to help determine if care is right for you.

Is hospice care only for elderly people with cancer?

Hospice care is for individuals of all ages facing a life-limiting illness. Typically, hospice is referred when a cure is no longer likely and a person has chosen to focus on comfort verses curative treatments. Hospice is available to patients with any life-limiting disease including: cancer, COPD, congestive heart failure, kidney disease, liver disease, Alzheimer’s, neurological disorders like stroke, Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis, HIV, and more.

Does placing my loved one under hospice care mean they are going to die immediately?

Hospice does not mean giving up hope or the person will die soon. The earlier an individual receives hospice care, the more benefit they can benefit from all that hospice brings including symptom control, pain relief and extra support. Studies have shown that patients in hospice care often live longer than those who do not choose hospice care. In fact, many of our patients have told us they wish they started hospice care sooner.

Do I have to “go” to hospice?

Hospice is not a place. Hospice is provided wherever the patient feels the most comfortable. This is usually at home, but can also be wherever the patient resides—a nursing facility, an assisted living home, or retirement community.

Do I have to give up my own doctor when going into Hospice care?

Both our Hospice and Supportive Care programs patients continue seeing their regular doctor while gaining an extra layer of support through our medical director, nurses, aides, volunteers, chaplains and social workers. Your current doctor plays a major role in your care. In fact, we work closely with your physician to create an individualized plan of care that works for you and your family.  

Does hospice only focus on the patient?

Palladium focuses on improving the quality of life for the patient and their family. Our care includes counseling, spiritual, emotional, logistical support and respite to family members and caregivers. We also help in the day to day caregiving, providing an extra level of support to the family caregiver.

Does my family have to pay for hospice out of pocket?

Palladium’s services are usually covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances.


Are hospice and supportive care the same thing?

While hospice allows patients to return to the highest quality of life during a serious illness, our supportive services bring an extra layer of care and support and are provided along with curative treatment. We focus on relief of the symptoms and stresses, helping the patient focus on comfort and quality of life. To learn more about supportive care, click here.

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