The holidays can be an emotional challenging time when your loved one coping with an advanced illness chooses hospice care. During a holiday that is centered around family, joy, and life, it can be difficult to feel festive when a family member may be facing a limited life expectancy. But it is important to realize, hospice is about living life to the fullest. It can be about celebrating life, especially this time of year.

  • Still honor your loved one’s favorite traditions. Just because your loved one is on hospice, doesn’t mean you have to forgo your holiday traditions. If fact, create emphasis on them. Ask your loved one what their favorite traditions are and plan on celebrating all their favorite ways. Your ill or elderly loved one will appreciate the old and new memories of the family traditions.
  • Include them in activities. Let your loved one help decorate the tree, cook dinner, or make cards. This will make them feel loved, appreciated, and independent. It is also a great way to make lasting memories.
  • Find a religious service they can attend. If a holiday service is an important part of the holidays to your loved one, find a local service to attend with them. If this isn’t an option, bring a small ceremony to your loved one by singing hymns or reading their favorite scriptures.
  • Accommodate visiting guests. If you have a lot of family and friends visiting, make sure that there is enough space and no interference with your loved one’s equipment or medications. With that, be aware of overstimulation or exhaustion. Your loved one could easily get overwhelmed or confused if there are too many guests or activities.
  • Allow yourself to have fun and enjoy the season.Instead of wondering if this will be the last holiday you spend with your loved one, make the most of the season. This time of year is about brightness, giving, love, and hope—and cherishing time spent with loved ones.

The holiday season is a special time of year to spend with the people you love, and can be especially painful if you have recently lost a loved one. While it maybe difficult, it’s important to remember that the holidays can still be a time of celebration, even through grief. Honor your loved one’s memory by observing their favorite traditions and sharing stories about them.

Whether you have recently lost a loved one, or have a loved one in hospice this holiday season, there are resources available to you. If you have a loved one living with illness, Palladium can help. We empower both the patient and their family to live better despite illness. For more information, call us at (888) 502-4646 and we will walk with you through every step of the way.