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Who We Are

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Palladium Hospice and Palliative Care is a multistate provider currently serving South Carolina, Georgia, and Mississippi. We are new to Mississippi, but not new to pediatric hospice or palliative care. We have the experience and expertise to provide care to meet the many needs of children that are living with a complex chronic illness. Unlike traditional hospice care, we design care with the child and family in mind. Everything we do is child-centered and family-focused.

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What Makes Us Different . . .
Our Experience

Palladium is honored to be able to come alongside patients and their families and help make them stronger. Our focus is on sharing an expertise in interdisciplinary pediatric hospice and palliative care and aligning that knowledge with your family’s goals and wishes. Facing decisions around a child’s life limiting illness can be extremely difficult and no parent should have to face this challenge alone. Palladium is here to partner with you in determining what quality means to your family and to help navigate a complex healthcare system.

Pediatric Palliative

Pediatric palliative care (referred to as supportive care) is not hospice care. It is a consultation-coordination of care model. It should be offered at the time of diagnosis and continued throughout the care with a community provider. Palliative care is what parents and families and providers are looking for. Palladium is ready to partner together within the continuum, enhancing the complex care model.

Pediatric Comfort Care

Pediatric comfort care (hospice care) is for children facing a life-limiting illness who have a life expectancy of months, not years. Children that are under the age of 21 on the Medicaid benefit can receive comfort care while not losing hope, and continue with aggressive and curative care. A federal mandate changed the options and improved quality of life for families. The federal law is known as “concurrent care”. We have experience in building a best practice in concurrent care.

Katherine’s Camp is designed for children ages 5-18 and their caregivers who have experienced the loss of a loved one. This year’s camp will be held from May 5th – May 7th.

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we honor veterans